Greentainer® is a combined effort.


We are two Toronto mothers in this journey together of the deep concern we both felt about the health of our children (and the amount of plastic they were exposed to everyday) and the environment.


It became increasingly clear how difficult it was to find a natural recyclable food container of quality. After researching various avenues, we were inspired by the age-old Stainless Steel Tiffin in India. Stainless steel is hygienic, non-toxic, recyclable, and reusable.


The idea for Greentainer® took time and effort. A process of revising and consolidating ideas, working around the clock, keeping up with (or not) family duties, feeding/walking/chasing dogs and birds, our focus was to design something more modern and compact. It also had to be non-leaching.


There is never a shortage of laughter, nor of interesting people to meet along the way. We are constantly thinking about products we need to create for the Greentainer® line (at times, the idea becomes ridiculous). At the end of the day we feel proud of what we have accomplished and what Greentainer® has become. It is sold throughout Canada and now in the United States. Our success is without question the result of the great chemistry we have between us as business partners, the coordination of our strengths and the (sometimes hysterical) laughter about our weaknesses.


Our small Toronto based business is happily growing. People are beginning to toss their flimsy, wasteful or breakable food containers, and use alternatives.